When you retire you'll need money to support you and to give you a decent standard of living. Most people get a State Pension but it's also a good idea to top this up if you can with your own pension, to make sure you'll have enough money to see you through your retirement.

We can help you manage your existing pensions with one of the products listed below. If you don't currently have a pension we can advise you of the best choice for your individual circumstance.

Pension Choices

Company Pension Transfer

Transfer a frozen company final salary scheme or money purchase pension scheme that you were a previous member of into a single pension plan you can be any age.

Pension Transfer

Transfer one or more personal pensions and or past company schemes into a single pension plan, you can be any age.

Tax Free Cash

You can get your Tax Free cash from your current personal pension, frozen Personal Pensions or previous company schemes you are no longer a member of from age 55 onwards.

Pension Drawdown

You can transfer some or all of your old pension schemes into a Flexi Access Drawdown to get your Tax free Cash and extra income if you need it from age 55.


Use some or all of your pension fund to buy an income for life better known as an annuity. There are various types available to suit all.

Impaired Annuity

If you smoke or you are in less than good health an Enhanced or Impaired Annuity may give you more income.

Average Pension Transfer Figures 2018/19

219 Final Salary Pension Transfers Per Day
£241k Avg. Transfer Value for a £10k p/a Pension at age 65
£1.93b Per year being transferred out of DB schemes