Commercial Finance

There are many areas that fall under the banner of Commercial Finance. In some cases it comes down to not what you know but who you know that can help. Each deal is different and suited to the individual or company that is applying.

During times when getting finance has become very difficult we have an established network of providers that allows many options outside the normal channels. This can lead to saving a business or helping a successful business grow. We also have close relationships with traditional lenders, who understand the high level of due diligence we extend to any business proposal, which results in high proportion of our applications going to the offer stage. Our core sectors of funding are as follows.

Commercial Finance Choices

Commercial Finance

Commercial Property and Business Finance covers a wide range of finance options from funding commercial business premises, re financing, to development finance, self build, auction property purchase, renovation and refurbishments and financing the un mortgageable.

Agricultural Asset Finance

Farmers need the tools to do the job, namely farming equipment and machinery and to keep pace with new technology.

Agricultural Mortgages

Farming can be an unpredictable business, Sometimes you will need support to get through a bad year, purchase farm buildings, expand in the good years, keep your finances in check and in some cases acquire more land.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring provides funds against the value of your outstanding sales invoices. Facilities are generous and fast: There is no need for constant negotiations on funding limits as the facility grows as your business grows.

Invoice Discounting

The advantages of Invoice Discounting are that you get immediate access to funds and as your business grows the facility automatically increases in line with your sales turnover.

Selective Invoice Finance

This allows you to select which invoices you wish to be advanced which helps with your cashflow.

Asset Finance

Purchase of machinery and equipment and services for new and existing business. Asset Finance is a type of funding businesses use to get the equipment, machinery and vehicles.

Bridging Finance

A bridging loan is a type of short-term property backed finance. They are often used to fund you for a period of time whilst allowing you to either refinance to longer term debt or sell a property.

Second Charge Loans

Mainly for capital raising for deposits for second property r buy to lets. Can be used when one is tied into an existing mortgage deal with redemption penalties.

Buy to Let Portfolio Ltd Company

Both personal and corporate. Corporate and professional landlords. Single Property or multiple property.

Doctors Surgeries

Specialist Funding packages for Doctors to include Practice Purchase, Setting up a New Practice, Purchase new Equipment enabeling you to grow your business.

Dental Practices

Specialist Lenders for premisis purchase,funding plans for newly qualified dentists a funding package that grows with your surgery expansion