We are an Independant Financial Adviser practice

Directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a firm whilst we can advise in many areas of financial advise we specialise in the key areas highlighted on this website.

As an independant firm, we have the time and faciliy to look in depth at your situation and make a decision best suited to you and not to accomodate our own products like other financial institutions.

An introduction

We [First Place Financial Ltd] have been in the insurance industry for the past 30 years and we have been trading as Independent since 1994.
We are innovative and forward thinking and bearing in mind the changes coming to Financial Services Sector we are continually adjusting our structure to accommodate the rules and regulations. We want our customers and new clients to receive a good fair deal when dealing with us from life assurance to pensions.

We are fully qualified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we have the necessary permissions from the FCA to transact such business. Not all advisers are qualified in this area and likewise not all firms have these permissions.

We work strictly by appointment and are prepared to meet clients in their own homes up and down the country. Clients are free to contact us at any time through email, phone, text and WhatsApp.

Why you should use us

  • Over 32 years of experience in Financial Services
  • Very competitive fee structures
  • Access to our initial advice and ongoing advice and review process
  • Only the best products and providers used
  • Flexibility of product and fund selection
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Directly Authorised by the FCA

Our main area of expertise


All aspects of pensions can be covered including:

  • Pension Transfers – from Defined Benefit Schemes (Final Salary Minimum age 50) but also from other group Defined Contribution and Personal Pension Schemes (No minimum age).
  • Retirement Planning – reviewing existing arrangements and targeting specific retirement ages/pension income requirements.
  • Tax Free Cash otherwise known as Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) – releasing cash from your pension funds. This is available from normal minimum pension age, currently age 55.
  • Managing Client Pension Plan funds – choosing the best funds to invest in to meet your retirement plans without exposing you to unnecessary risk
  • Flexi Access Drawdown plans – setting these up to allow access to your pension fund where you have direct control over the income taken.
  • Alternatives to Pension Funds – other ways to provide retirement income, e.g. a buy to let property portfolio.
  • Calculations – vital for those with significant income or pension funds already in place to avoid any potential tax charges. We can provide all the calculations surrounding your annual and lifetime pensions allowances as well as maximizing the use of available lifetime allowance protections.

Pension Scams. Please note:
There have been reports in the media about people being miss-advised into changing pensions and cashing in pension funds which is in essence driven by unscrupulous advice intent on generating as much commissions and fees as possible without regard for the clients. Also placing these funds in non pension schemes. Many have been stopped by insurance companies but of course some still get through. These cases are as a result of multiple cold calls to the potential clients and pressure selling. Please note that cold calling is not allowed and anyone cold calling is doing it on an illegal basis. These kind of goings on are a speedy way to exit the industry for those concerned.

Insistent Clients

In some instances clients may not like the notion that it is not in their best interests to transfer a particular pension fund, of funds and therefore Insist that despite the advice given wish to make the transfer regardless, hence the term “Insistent Client”. We will not transact a transfer for an insistent client. Inheritance Tax and Long Term Care Planning. Inevitably pension planning is just one aspect of a client’s finances in retirement and at First Place Financial we always consider the bigger picture so that our advice does not conflict with a clients plans for themselves and any legacy they wish to leave.

Inheritance Tax and Long Term Care Planning.

Inevitably pension planning is just one aspect of a client’s finances in retirement and at First Place Financial we always consider the bigger picture so that our advice does not conflict with a clients plans for themselves and any legacy they wish to leave.


ISA's as a savings medium have their merits with the main benefits being no time limit, tax free savings environment no capital gains to pay on surrender all or in part and they can be used for income pre and post retirement.

Cash ISA's

Commonly many people wanting low risk investment have Cash ISA's which are building society based cash savings. The benefit is that it is low risk, although one does have to ensure that you are not over invested in a single institution in the event of their failure. Returns are low, the best at time of print 25.11.2019 is 1.8% Gross Per Year with a tie in period. Likewise many existing cash ISA's give much less than this once the deal ends and the onus is on the account holder in many instances to do something about it.

Stocks & Shares ISA's

Stocks and Shares ISA's have now out sold Cash ISA's for the first time and they invite a wider spread of investment from low risk to high risk or a spread in between. Many people have seen good growth in current Stocks and Shares ISA investments but unless checked these can be out of alignment with your attitude to risk. We have now the availability to switch ISA's from Cash ISA's to Stocks and Shares ISA's and back again if so desired while maintaining the ISA wrapper. Mainly people who wish to do this are unsatisfied with their CASH ISA returns, or have existing Stocks and Shares ISA's which they want to de risk slightly or combine several ISA's under the same ISA.

ISA Transfers

Many IFA's will transfer your ISA from A to B and typical charging is 3% of what is transferred over and a 0.5% trail fee to look after the money and advise accordingly. Therefore the first thing you have to do is recover the 3% initial cost before you make any growth, so for a savings contract we think that would lack motivation for investors to switch over.

Our stance on ISA Transfers from Cash ISA's to Stocks and Shares, or Stocks and Shares ISA Transfer to Stocks and Shares ISA is £300 initial fee on application or percentage of the transfer amount and a 1% of the fund value trail fee per year with an initial tie in period as we are transacting the transfer for no charge is more beneficial to clients wishing to use our services.

When looking at Cash ISA transfers into a Stocks and Shares ISA as cash ISA's are deemed as low risk, we have a particular provider and fund in mind that is suited to such transfers and this transfer deal is only available by us via our website enquiry process. This is a postal limited advice transaction and specific to the ISA Transfer and nothing else. On more complex cases we may require an appointment to see you.

Mortgages and Protection

We have the whole of market available to us mortgage wise and deal with residential mortgages such as some first time buyer mortgages, home movers, Let to Buy, Product switches, Buy to Let purchases or portfolios including Limited Company Buy to Lets. We also look at Equity Release Cases.

Protection. We have the whole of market available being independent and can look at family and business protection from Term Assurance to Whole of Life policies.

For clients who have maximised their pensions allowances we can arrange alternative sources of retirement income such as buy to let mortgages We can also provide advice on all aspects of personal and business protection, i.e. life assurance, critical illness, income protection, directors share protection and key man cover.

Commercial Finance, Secondary Charges, Business Premises

Businesses need many different things at different times be it finance, raising finance or borrowing, invoice factoring, key man cover to name a few things. We have many links to many different sectors to aid our countries business both large and small the main areas being highlighted on our website section.

What Our Customers' Say

Dear First Place Financial Ltd Thank you for your help with my transfer. I have now been able to use the Tax Free Cash to reduce my mortgage which has made me better off each month. Things are looking up. Mr A. from Newcastle
Having bought my flat from the council a few years ago they decided to re roof the block and whilst it was free to council tenants, those like me who had bought in good faith were sent a bill from the council for our share of the cost. Thanks to your help we were able to get his money by way of Tax Free Cash from one of my old pensions and we were able to settle the council bill without any further borrowing. Now the income pays for a nice holiday each year. Mr & Mrs G. from Glasgow
We asked for help regarding our retirement planning. First Place Financial Ltd were able to check every policy that we had and then offer relevant and clearly understandable advice to us about what we can and can’t do and as such we formulated a plan which was best for us. Thank you so much for all of your help. Mr & Mrs P. from Devon